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20. December 2015

Protein-skimmers and ozonation to Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk

Clarity has gained a contract of delivery, new build and installation of protein-skimmers, ozonation, piping and construction with Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk. Installation and start-up takes place I Q1, 2016

17. November 2015

Protein skimmers to Findfresh, Portugal

Clarity delivers protein skimmers to Findfresh, Portugal. Delivery takes place in Q1 & Q2 2015.

23. October 2015

Protein skimmers and CO2-degassers to Salmar Follafoss

Clarity has gained a contract of delivery of protein skimmers and CO2-degassers to Salmar Follafoss. Delivery and installation takes place Q1 & Q2, 2015.

23. October 2015

Protein-skimming and ozonation to Aqua4c

Clarity delivers equipment for protein-skimming and ozonation to Aqua4c, Belgium. Delivery takes place in Q2 2015.

23. January 2015

Kharp, Siberia

Clarity WTS AS is delivering protein-skimmers, ozone-saturators and additional equipment to Kharp (sturgeon) project in Siberia, in cooperation with AquaOptima AS. Delivery will take place in Q2. 2015.

20. January 2014

The Fish Farm, Dubai

Clarity WTS AS has signed a contract with Akva Group ASA of delivery of protein Skimmers/degassers to The Fish Farm in Dubai. Delivery will take place in Q1 and Q2, 2014.

29. July 2013

Smøla Klekkeri og Settefiskanlegg AS

Clarity WTS AS has now fully installed protein skimmers at Smøla Klekkeri og Settefiskanlegg AS. The installation has proven successfull in removing dissolved particles and significantly reducing CO2-levels at the facility. This has resulted in improved water quality and increased production at the plant. Clarity protein skimmers treat approximately 30% of the total flow in the recirculation plant or 1000M3 an hour. See; for footage from Smøla Klekkeri og Settefiskanlegg AS.

The contract represents a breakthrough in the industry for Clarity protein  skimmers.

29. July 2013

Clarity Water Treatment Systems Establishes US Subsidiary

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25. March 2011

Project started to test the Clarity protein skimmer in a recycling system for smolt production

In Cooperation with RedOx AS, Clarity WTS has started a project to test its protein skimmer in a recycling system for smolt prodution at Nofima Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture at Sunndalsora in Norway. The development so far is promising.

In recycling system for smolt production based on microfilters and biofilters, it is often difficult to remove the last remains of organic matter, as well as breakdowns from the biofilter (TAN, Nitrite and Nitrate). As the Clarity has proven to be efficient in solving such problems within other applications, the company decided to test its effectiveness in a smolt facility.

Foam formation is usually hard to obtain in water where feeds with high fat content are used. Adding Ozon will usually solve this problem, and a partnership with ozon specialists RedOx was therefore established. A CL50 with an ozon injection system was installed at NCRA, and the testing started in February.

The develpoment so far is very promising. Foam formation is very good, and the water has become clearer. Samples are taken continously for chemical analysis. Final results are to be presented in June of 2011.


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