User references

David Lonergan & Michelle Cranna, Sydney, Australia

“Despite having a three year old Koi pond with crystal clear water and healthy fish, our nitrate level was over 200. We do frequent water changes but as quickly as the nitrate reading goes down, it then returns to high levels. We managed to get the nitrate level down to around 120 with water changes.

After installing Clarity for only 13 days, nitrate has come down from 120 mg/l to 40 mg/l, and phosphate from 0.25 mg/L to <0.1 mg/L! The other parameters of our pond which was good are constant. These readings are doing a great job of convincing us that the Clarity Unit does reduce nitrate and phosphate which is what we wanted for our pond. In fact I must say we are totally thrilled with the product because it has also made our water crystal, crystal clear. We thought it was clear before, everyone who looks at our pond says we have the best water they have ever seen, but now the Clarity has taken our water quality to this even higher level, a fantastic standard. Now we won’t have to do all those constant and time consuming water changes. The fish are also doing very well, I think their colours look more vibrant and the white seems brighter too.”

Bryan Bateman, AKCA (associated Koi clubs of America) certified Koi Judge

“We had achieved what we thought to be the highest level of water quality possible with existing water treatment technology – this being zero ammonia, zero nitrites, zero nitrates – with stable pH and alkalinity parameters as well. One nagging problem remained however – organics. There seemed no way to eliminate them altogether. Water changes were not accomplishing much. At certain times of the season, small bubbles would remain at the base of the waterfall, and float as little islands around the pond. Very aggravating! We had begun to think that we would have to live with this, or get rid of half of our koi, which we were not about to do.

We happened to notice an ad at the top of the opening page of our favorite koi BB (koimag of course) for a newly designed unit called a Clarifier, which claimed to eliminate organics. I placed an order for one post-haste, and awaited it with anxious anticipation. The unit arrived from Purdin Koi in Texas and we installed it about 15 feet from our pond, raised up so the return could be via gravity. We fed it with water from our skimmer to maximize the organics concentration to the Clarifier.

The result was truly amazing. The foam began to form immediately. Not just small amounts, but HUGE amounts. The results have been far better than we could have ever expected. We still produce foam, which falls nicely out of the side of the unit and onto the lawn below. The clarity of our water has improved significantly, we see brighter colors on our koi, and, of course, no more aggravating bubbles. We have achieved pond water nirvana! The Clarity (ours is the CL-10) unit is most definitely the biggest improvement in pond water treatment technology since the Nexus Easy.”

Bill Oakley, in 2006

“I’m touching wood firmly as I say this but….for years I have been haunted by the dreaded blanket weed, and although I haven’t had a full season with the unit the level of blanket wee in my pond is dramatically reduced. The unit removes DOC, micronutrients and organic nitrate and judging by the amount of foam it generates, does it extremely effectively. Its clear to me that this unit offers an elegant, compact, highly effective additional stage of filtration.”

Bill Oakley, after winning the Grand Champion Prize at BKKS in 2007

“What can I say! There is no doubt in my mind that my Clarity has made a significant contribution to the quality of my water and to the benefit of the Koi.”

Derek from Liverpool

“I would like to tell you all about the new clarity unit which i have had put on my pond now for a week. And the results are unreal the water is so clear it’s untrue. It was clear before but mat could not believe how clear it is now its like glass. They put the same one on bill Oakley pond over a year ago and he said his water was great before but now it even better now. Also he said the growth of his Koi is even better now as well since the charity unit was put on. Also my nitrate was over a 100 a week ago now it down to 20 and that in a week so NO more blanket weed for me any more – a must on any Koi pond.”

Jonathan Alcock from Preston, Lancashire

“While a total cynic, I like to look at all new developments in Koi, this sounded too good to be true. However I have used the unit now for almost a year and I’m amazed at what a difference it’s made. I thought my water was pretty good before but now it’s like glass and sparkles. Add to this the benefit of significant reduction in blanket weed, and it’s a pretty compelling combination of benefits.”

Marine Harvest, Rørvik – Halibut hatchery

”We installed The Protein skimmer from Clarity-WTS just before the season started in the early spring of 2005. The organic load in the sea where we obtained the water from was not particularly high at the time and the amount of protein and organic material the skimmer removed was marginal.

The skimmer is used in our halibut hatchery. The water quality and results of so far has been very satisfying in all the aspects of the hatchery process.

Overall, we are very happy with the results. The Clarity skimmer produces foam and we have established a redox potential in the water through the ozone-loop in the skimmer that we are satisfied with.”